what we do

Specialised Exercise Programs

We specialise in the delivery of personalized exercise and lifestyle programs.

We are all different. We all have a unique body type, different aches, pains and injuries, different goals, different exercise backgrounds, different stressors and different lifestyles.We design a personalized program with the right exercises and lifestyle plan unique to you.

Some key elements to our approach include:

  • Comprehensive and meaningful assessments
  • Holistic approach to exercise and lifestyle plan
  • Goal setting around internal motivations
  • Gaining fitness and strength without pain
  • Looking at what is happening on the inside – food sensitivities and hormonal balance
  • Fun – we like you to enjoy it!
  • Kaizen Approach – doing the small things consistently

We work with everyone who wants a specialized personalised plans. Our clients range from junior to masters athletes, those returning from injury and illness to those wanting optimal health and wellbeing. We work with males, females, 14 yr olds to 94 yr olds.

Check out our facebook and you tube to see the real life clients we work with.

Group Training

At Kaizen we have a range of Group Classes open to the public.

Have fun, make new friendships while you get fit.





Class Timetable as at 25/1/17

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
 5.45am Circuit 5.45am Circuit 5.45am Circuit  5.45am Circuit 6am Circuit
Women’s Boxing
6pm Circuit  5.45pm Circuit  5.15pm Circuit

We also have small specialized private group sessions. If you have a group of friends or work colleagues or are interested in joining one of those currently running please contact us.

Buddy Up Program

One of our other popular programs is out buddy up program where you and a friend or loved one can train together for the price of 1! We have many couples, parents and kids, friends and work colleagues who take up this offer and love it!

Food Sensitivity & Stress Hormonal Testing

The Kaizen Stress Hormonal kits measure your individual hormonal profile to see how your body is coping with stress. The Kaizen Food Sensitivity kits test for the hidden stressors of food sensitivities. ‘Kaizen Your Health’ protocols are provided.

The Kaizen Food Sensitivity kit
45% of people reading this right now are intolerant/sensitive to a food causing unwanted stress and inflammation on the body. Our test measures 93 high risk foods using a leading laboratory in the States to analyse the results.

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The Kaizen Stress Hormonal kits
Stress is the underlying cause of over 80% of all chronic disease and illness.

  • Gets to the underlying cause and gives you a personalised health plan to help you get the results you desire.
  • Find out what is happening on the ‘inside’
  • Pinpoint the sources of your stress (including ‘hidden’ stressors)
  • Measure crucial hormonal balance to see how your body is coping with stress
  • Cut through the confusion and no longer waste time going down the wrong path
  • Get a specific personalised health plan using cutting edge data

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